Women Love Golf- Allison

Here at Honeybrook we support and encourage all golfers! We believe golf has beneficial aspects for everyone, it is a great way to get exercise and fresh air, to be social and network with others and to build self-confidence. But we also understand the intimidation factor of being a new golfer, especially being a new golfer and a woman.

As the 2021 season is kicking off, we will be interviewing women who love golf and we will be talking to them about how they got started, how golf has impacted their life, advice for new golfers, and more! As we look forward into the 2021 season Honeybrook plans on continuing and improving our ladies clinics and events! We hope you will join us, but in the meantime enjoy getting to know some of the wonderful women who golf at Honeybrook. Our first spotlight is on Allison Long!

Q: What first got you interested in golf?

A: I became interested in golf because of my father. My father was a full time school teacher but also was Head Pro at a local,( I grew up in NY state) public golf course in the summer months. He played competitive tournaments and I would go watch or caddy when I was older. I became interested in learning when I was about 13 years old.

Q: Has golf helped you in other aspects of your life?

A: Golf has helped me gain many long lasting friendships. Golf evokes many life lessons, it teaches you patience, forces you to try things that are not comfortable, teaches you to accept a poor decision to move on and forget that decision. Golf teaches you to do one thing at a time which translates into finishing a task before moving on to the next task.

Q: Is there a moment you can think of that really made you excited about golf?

A: The moment I remember about golf is when I first broke 40 for the first time for 9 holes, I remember being very excited and could not wait to tell my parents.

Q: If you had to give advice to a new golfer or to someone looking to start playing but who feels intimidated, what advice would you give?

A: My advice to first time golfers is to remember that everyone at one time was just learning and felt just like you do. My advice to anyone who wants to learn golf is to find a golf professional and take lessons and practice. Like any sport you need to learn the fundamentals and practice to get better. Pay attention to learning the short game, chipping and putting as that is where you will notice your score improving as you get better at chipping and putting.

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