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Women Love Golf- Stephanie

Welcome to our second week of Women Love Golf! At Honeybrook we support and encourage all golfers! We believe golf is not exclusive and is beneficial for everyone. Golf is a great way to get exercise, get fresh air, be social, network with others and to build self-confidence while having fun. But we also understand the intimidation factor of being a new golfer, especially being a new golfer and a woman. Which is why Honeybrook has Ladies Golf Clinics! It’s not too late to sign up and join other awesome women in learning or improving your golf game.

Our second Women Love Golf spotlight is on Stephanie! Learn more about Stephanie, how golf has impacted her life and if you see her around the course, don’t be afraid to say hi!

What first got you interested in golf?

S: When I was a young girl, maybe 10 or 11, I had an adult friend named Ed (he was like a second dad) who was left-handed like me and he taught me how to play. He and his wife would take me on vacation with them to the Poconos and they would take me to a nine hole course pitch and putt course. I remember really enjoying the challenge of the game.

Q: How long have you been playing golf?

S: I borrowed a left handed set of clubs about 20 years ago to play the whole course and that was it, I fell in love with the sport.

Q: Did you feel intimidated or reluctant to start playing? What got you over any anxiety or intimidation that came with being a new player?

S: I absolutely felt intimidated! I had pretty much only played pitch and putt. I thought the full game would be way easier than it was. I am pretty competitive so it was hard to not be good at it in the beginning. I eventually came to the acceptance and realization that everyone has to start somewhere and just build. A few strokes off here, a few strokes off there. A great shot followed by two terrible shots followed by a great putt. I remember when I could hit in the 110-115, then 100-110 and then in the 90’s which is where I am now. It’s was milestones like that kept me coming back.

Q: Has golf helped you in other aspects of your life?

S: Golf is definitely “my thing”, I love the zen of it. It gets me outside, keeps me physical (I enjoy walking the course) and it is a huge stress reliever. I have met many friends through golf including one of my best friends Maryann, we’ve been golfing together for almost 20 years now.. The socialization aspect just adds to the fun of the game. It’s always great to meet new people and chat at the 19th hole!

Q: Is there a moment you can think of that really made you excited about golf?

S: I think the first time I hit below 90 was so incredibly eye opening. I never thought I would be able to do that. I’ve only ever done it a handful of times but knowing that I COULD accomplish it did so much for my mental game.

Q: If you had to give advice to a new golfer or to someone looking to start playing but who feels intimidated, what advice would you give?

S: Golf is a patience game, you have to take small strides with it. Celebrate all of your small victories, golf with your friends who understand you are a beginner and will be encouraging. Try and laugh a lot even though it can be frustrating. Everyone makes terrible shots….. EVERYONE.

Q: Anything else you’d want other women to know about golf?

S: Golf is never perfect, even for the pros, though maybe at the end they might have a perfect score. Don’t ever judge your golf game on what you see on TV. You do you, embrace your own game, be patient and celebrate the small victories. I have had rounds that start well and end up laughingly terrible and vice versa. I used to get really upset but now I just try to laugh it off. Get out there and swing. As Wayne Gretzky said, “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take”

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