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2022 Golf Season is HERE!

Is it just us or did this winter seem to go on forever? Now that the weather is warming up, we can finally get excited that the 2022 golf season has officially begun! If you’ve been to the course lately you may have noticed a few new changes & upgrades. First, our brand new patio space is now OPEN! We are thrilled to have this project complete in time for spring. A HUGE thanks to our friends The Chris & Claude Co. who designed this space and who brought together a talented crew of skilled craftsmen to complete this project. We hope you enjoy many memorable moments in this space. Keep an eye out for a future blog post with an interview with Chris from The Chris & Claude Co. and more details on the design process and construction of the patio.

The next addition to the 2022 season is our on-the-turn options. Just a Bite, is our new food truck full of delicious snack foods, light sandwiches, hot dogs, drinks, etc. available for you to grab on the turn. You will find Just a Bite parked conveniently in the pavilion just beside the 10th hole.

At the current time of this post (May 2022) the truck will be open Wednesday-Sunday, with the goal of being open 7 days a week soon! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for updated hours!

Another perk of golfing at Honeybrook is the ability to check in to your tee time through our phone app. When you book on the app, use the “Check in Now” option to pay for your tee-time right from the app before you hit the first tee. After you pay for your round on the app, check in with the bag drop staff to let them know of your arrival and to grab a bucket of warm up range balls. Learn how to check in by watching this video.

Honeybrook has a handful of options available for lessons & instructions this year. From Ladies Clinics, Junior Golf Camps, One-on-One lessons, Introduction to Golf for the beginner golfer, or High School Golf Ready to help your teenager get ready for their high school golf team season, we have so many great options for you to learn or advance your golf game! We have two incredible golf instructors, Duane Lent and Jen Cully who are eager and ready to help you!

Memorial Day is only a few days away and we want to send thanks to all who have served. We especially want to honor those who have lost their life in the line of duty, thank you for your sacrifice.

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