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Greenside Grill Patio Pt. 2

When the golf course was in its infancy, a small snack trailer parked in the parking lot served hot dogs, chips, candy and soda to our hungry golfers. We later expanded into a snack bar in the pro-shop which eventually evolved into a full service restaurant open to the whole community, which we named Greenside Grill. We have certainly grown & expanded our service to the community we love so much, and with this new patio project we continue to provide a welcoming place for golfers & the surrounding communities.

Welcoming & relaxing with a modern twist on old world design tied together with that Chester County farm feel. That was our overall aesthetic goal with this patio project (and another project which will be revealed shortly) and the team at Chris & Claude Co. hit the nail right on the head. This project has been one of the biggest since we opened Honeybrook Golf Club in 2000 and one of the most rewarding. We love seeing families and friends come together for a good meal and to enjoy the beautiful golf course views.

Joining us on our Blog post today is Chris Beiler, here to talk a little bit about this project.

Tell us a little about yourself and your role with Chris & Claude Co.
I am the “Chris” in the Chris & Claude Co. My wife and I started in design by buying homes, remodeling them and reselling them. Since then we have moved to doing design/build projects for our clients. My primary role is in sales but I’m also the team leader so I touch on a little bit of everything that we do.

Tell us a little bit about the process of working on a project like this.
Our process continues to be refined but in essence we break the project down into two main phases – the design phase and the build phase. During the design phase we connect with our clients and dream with them about what they are wanting to create. We then take these dreams and their budget and refine it until we have a detailed set of construction plans that can be handed to the Build team. During the Build phase we work to complete the plans drawn up by the Design team.

What got you excited about this project?
Our goal in every project is to create a space that reflects the personality and brand of our clients. We really fell in love with the people who own the golf course, their vision for a beautiful space full of character and an old world feel, and their desire to create a space where their guests could relax and feel like they were experiencing something really special. The core values of the Honeybrook Golf Club team resonated with us on a lot of levels and so it was really special to be able to partner with them on this project.

Where did you draw inspiration from during the design process?
A key concept of the project was for it to have an old world feel similar to the feel of the area of rural Chester County where there are a lot of horses and fox hunting. This area, the buildings, restaurants, and pubs in this area became an inspiration for the project.

Was there anything that surprised you about this project?
The cost of construction in the post pandemic world continues to be a surprise. LOL. Otherwise the project had not major hiccups or surprises besides the normal challenges.

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