The Balance of Power- The Golf Swing

We have all been there. It’s a long, wide-open par 5 and you are playing in the Annual Township Tournament with three of your buddies. It’s a scramble format and the best part is, it’s the Longest Drive hole! At this point you have thrown back a couple of White Claws, feeling good about thatContinue reading “The Balance of Power- The Golf Swing”

The Art Of Putting- One Pro’s Approach

For those of you that play the game, you’re probably familiar with the old saying, “Drive for Show, Putt for Dough.” In an era when distance, in the way of a $500 driver, is the biggest focus on the game, I challenge everyone that the old saying is as true as it has ever been.Continue reading “The Art Of Putting- One Pro’s Approach”

Golf is Great For Your Health!

It will never be a bad time to start caring for and prioritizing your health. From eating nutrient dense foods, to getting enough sleep and exercise, there is a lot you can do to benefit your overall wellbeing. Caring for your physical and mental health will provide many benefits and increase your overall quality ofContinue reading “Golf is Great For Your Health!”

Women Love Golf- Stephanie

Welcome to our second week of Women Love Golf! At Honeybrook we support and encourage all golfers! We believe golf is not exclusive and is beneficial for everyone. Golf is a great way to get exercise, get fresh air, be social, network with others and to build self-confidence while having fun. But we also understandContinue reading “Women Love Golf- Stephanie”

Women Love Golf- Allison

Here at Honeybrook we support and encourage all golfers! We believe golf has beneficial aspects for everyone, it is a great way to get exercise and fresh air, to be social and network with others and to build self-confidence. But we also understand the intimidation factor of being a new golfer, especially being a newContinue reading “Women Love Golf- Allison”

Golf Etiquette Tips

In our previous post we discussed the importance of golf course etiquette and how beginner and advanced players alike can be respectful and contribute to the enjoyability of the game. Below we discuss a few tips. Do you see anything we forgot or have any other tips? Comment below what etiquette tips you think areContinue reading “Golf Etiquette Tips”

What is Golf Etiquette?

Enjoying the game of golf often depends on your own expectations. Whether you are scoring in the 70’s and 80’s or in the 90’s or 100’s, it’s still possible to have a lot of fun and enjoy your time on the course. But one thing I think most golfers will agree with is that golfContinue reading “What is Golf Etiquette?”

Golf 101: Markings and Hazards

Welcome back to Honeybrook’s Blog! As we continue talking about what to expect on the golf course and the anatomy of a golf hole, let’s not forget the many markings and hazards you may come across on the course. In the first post we discussed the main parts of a hole, the tee box, fairway,Continue reading “Golf 101: Markings and Hazards”

Golf 101: The Anatomy of a Golf Course

As a beginner golfer, I know how intimidating golf can be! There is a lot of insider lingo, rules, etiquette to follow, and what’s up with the plaid short? If you’ve been interested in learning about golf but feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. Honeybrook is here to help! In this Golf 101 blog series, We aimContinue reading “Golf 101: The Anatomy of a Golf Course”

About Honeybrook Golf Club

Opened: 2000 Architect: Jim Blaukovitch The Logo: The white ball on a green field that represents the beautiful bent-grass that runs throughout the club. The center is honey-colored, and sweeps through the logo like the Brandywine Creek runs through the course. The deep blue represents the beautiful Chester County sky. Land: The course was built in 2000 on 165Continue reading “About Honeybrook Golf Club”