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Greenside Grill Patio Pt. 1

When Honeybrook Golf Club opened 22 years ago, we sought to create a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for all who walked through our doors. We know that part of creating a friendly atmosphere is having a comfortable space for people to gather & connect so to further encourage both golfers and the community to come together, we have been working with an incredible team to improve our space. The first phase of this project is finally complete and we are excited to share with you our brand new patio space!

Honeybrook Golf Club sits on land that had been a dairy farm for decades, even being farmed for many years by owners Tom & Ted Piersol. We knew we wanted to celebrate the rich history of the property so it was important for us to find a team who felt the same way. The Chris & Claude Co. and their team has been such a joy to work with. Their eye for design, their passion for authenticity & love for the Honey Brook community made them an easy choice for this project. They were excited by our ideas and they helped create a modern design with odes to the Chester County farm history. One of the first things you may notice is the giant stone wall that surrounds the patio, much like the stone walls that surround farm properties all around the Chester County area. This wall, built by the talented Steve Fisher Masonry consists entirely of stone taken right from the property.

Before & After

Whether you come to Honeybrook Golf Club & Greenside Grill to play a round of golf & have a beer with your buddies or you come to share a delicious meal with your family & friends, we desire for you to find peace & relaxation here. The world can be busy & chaotic, but we want your time spent here to be calm & enjoyable. Our hope is that you can slow down, have good conversations, a filling and delicious meal, take in the views and remember to just enjoy life.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we discuss more about the inspiration and the process behind this project & a little interview with members of The Chris & Claude Co. team.

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